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Divorce RealtorĀ® and Broker

Houston Real Estate Agent Specializing in Divorce

When you’re navigating the process of selling a home in a divorce, it is crucial to work with an agent that is competent, experienced, and sells houses fast. Our team understands the intricacies and obstacles of navigating a real estate transaction during a divorce and is here to help.

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Fluent in Divorce

Experienced in the nuances of divorce and the effect it has on families. Confidentiality and respect are our top priorities.

Fair & Unbiased

Offering impartial representation, with an ethical and collaborative approach for those going through a separation or divorce.


Being seasoned and established in the industry encourages the best possible outcome for a home sale while keeping your priorities & financials in mind.


Extremely responsive and accustomed to working with the other professionals involved in your divorce, such as your attorney, to simplify the process.

A Team That Puts Your Protection, Privacy, and Experience First

Work with a RealtorĀ® That Understands Complicated Real Estate Transactions

While emotions can run high and divorces are often volatile, we are experts at navigating even the most challenging family dynamics. We represent clients going through a divorce without judgement and with complete respect.

Your privacy and confidentiality is key. Our entire team is educated on privacy ethics and have agreed to adhere to written privacy contracts holding us to the utmost confidentiality.

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Concierge Level Service for Listing Your Home

I Will Ferociously and Impartially Represent Your Interests In a Way That Feels Right to You

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