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When Your Dream Home Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore…

At a certain point in your life, a large home made sense, but homeowners often wake up one day and realize the need for a 5 bedroom home doesn’t exist anymore. Large homes can be great, but they also come with never-ending maintenance, higher utility bills, and ever-increasing taxes. That’s money you’d probably rather spend on luxuries like travel, hobbies, and experiencing life.

Did you know you can downsize without downgrading? We specialize in this process.

If you’re considering moving to a more stress-free lifestyle, click the options below to learn how we:

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A Stress-Free Approach to
Selling Your Home

We Have a Fully-Functional Team of Experts:

Most solo listing agents wear so many hats and are stretched so thin, crucial details slip through the cracks translating to stress and worry for the homeowner. With our fully-equipped team, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing our turn-key listing experience is at work behind the scenes.

We Have Years of Experience Selling Homes:

Extensive knowledge of the ins-and-outs of this business allows for excellent representation of your interests and smooth negotiations on your behalf. With reviews and references available upon request, we can provide a lineup of happy clients who continue to trust us with their referrals.

We Go the Extra Mile for Our Clients Every Time:

Communication is one of our very best assets. From the very beginning, you will be informed of every detail, every step of the way. Our experience with luxury-level clients has taught us the art of going above and beyond to provide a white-glove level of service. Hand us the keys and we’ll take care of the rest.

Sell Your Home with As Much Profit As Possible

Premium Marketing Materials

With a carefully curated combination of luxury videography and photography, we assemble an extensive and high-caliber listing package for our clients. From in-person to the digital world, your listing will supersede the competition.

Fierce Negotiation on Your Behalf

Fighting for our client's best interests is at the top of our priority list. Specialized training combined with over 10 years of experience in negotiations allows Laura to protect your assets and bottom line.

High-Powered Listing Strategy

We combine digital efforts with unique tangible materials to foster an emotional connection between buyers & your home. Drawing out the positives of a property & highlighting its unique features is our specialty.

Strict Confidentiality Agreements for All Team Members

Protecting Your Privacy Comes First In Our Office. We Take Our Commitment to Client Confidentiality to The Next Level.  No Excuses. No Exceptions.

Industry-Leading Digital Signature & Transaction Management Software

In Addition to Expediting the Entire Listing and Transaction Process, The Use of Highly Secure Technology Protects Your Data, Credentials, and Information.

Educated and Licensed Staff for Transaction Management

A Fully-Equipped Team of Licensed Staff Members Managing Your Listing Ensures Accuracy and Protects the Integrity of Your Transaction.

Pro-Active Listing Strategy with Forethought Into Every Detail

When it Comes to Combining Marketing and Logistics, Every Little Detail Matters. We Strategize Every Phase to Ensure a Streamlined, Stress-Free Outcome.

Do You Check Any of These Boxes?
If So, It Might Be Time to Downsize...

  • Are Your Stairs Becoming a Hazard?
  • Do You Have Rooms You Never Even Use?
  • Sick and Tired of Never-Ending Maintenance?
  • Been Dreaming of a Fresh, Updated Décor?
  • Want to Supercharge Your Retirement Fund?
  • Craving a Stress-Free, Lock-and-Leave Lifestyle?
  • Ready to Travel and Spend Time with Loved Ones?
  • Sick of Over-Paying Property Taxes?
  • Repairs Popping Up Left and Right?
  • Yard and Landscaping Consuming Your Weekends?

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