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Buying a Home in Houston

A Brokerage that Protects You

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Financing & Discovery

Uncover Your Purchase Power

From the very beginning of your Houston home buying process, we get to work on a strong foundation. That foundation is made up of the financials. Our agents are highly trained in the financing portion of the buying process and will help guide you through this complex process.

The Home Search

Finding Your Dream Home

Understanding what’s important to you is our specialty; when you start your journey to move to Houston, our agents will work with you to determine your priorities and help you make the right decision about your future home. Honoring your priorities is something we take very seriously.

Negotiating Terms

Closing the Deal

Once negotiation starts, our agents shine as your biggest advocate. Fierce is an understatement when it comes to how our agents will protect you and your interests during this process.

A Professional Process for Buying a Home in Houston

How We Protect and Represent Our Buyers

Getting to Know Our Clients

Finding someone a home that fits their needs takes a commitment to understanding who they are, what's important to them, and what their everyday life consists of. A house isn't just four walls - it's where life happens - and we strive to make sure you love your life.

A Strong Professional Relationship

Living Houston builds the client-agent relationship on a foundation of trust and open communication, facilitating higher success rates. Living Houston was founded so agents can represent clients with a level of professionalism and collaboration that cannot be found at any other brokerage.

Fierce Protection for Every Client

We take our fiduciary duty incredibly seriously; protecting our clients with a fierceness that you won’t find in many real estate firms. This gives our clients the freedom to be candid with us allowing our team to explore every opportunity when it comes to finding our clients their perfect home.

Finding Your Home in Houston

We pride ourselves in executing an extremely high level of due diligence from the start, allowing us to make the home shopping experience more streamlined with a high success rate.

A Deep Understanding of Financing

One thing that helps us do our job successfully is a detailed understanding of home financing. Together, we’ll work to uncover your purchasing power and how best to apply that power to get you the home you desire.

A Collaborative Culture

At the end of the day, we will do whatever it takes to honor our commitment to our buyers. Living Houston is an experiential, collaborative, and trend-setting brokerage that loves what we do.

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