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Selling a Home

Why Social Media Marketing Helps Sell Homes

By March 7, 2022No Comments

Why Social Media Marketing Helps Sell HomesWhy Social Media Marketing Helps Sell Homes

Successfully selling a home is often strategic, which is why social media marketing helps sell homes. You need as many people to view the house as soon as possible. The more eyes you have on the property, the more optimal it can be in selling your home. For buyers, the longer a home sits on the market, the more it declines in value. When buyers see a house that’s been sitting for too long, they begin to wonder what’s wrong with it, and often they won’t even look at it because they’ve decided it’s no good.

The average American will spend 7 hours and 11 minutes looking at a screen every day, so it makes sense to get your home in front of them. The larger your marketing audience, the better your chances are of your home being discovered by a potential buyer. And to maximize your reach, it’s beneficial to take the marketing of your home where the most buyers will see it- the internet.

How Americans Use Social Media

Social media takes up a significant part of their daily lives. Over 1 billion people are on social media, and 8 out of 10 Americans spend time on social media daily. People use social media to keep up with the news, current events, loved ones and connect with friends and family across the globe. It’s even become a place to get recommendations, shop, and donate to charities.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach buyers and one of the most convenient ways to view properties. A house seen on social media can quickly produce a sale.

Social Media Ads Have A Specific Formula

While all social media websites have a similar purpose, not all social media sites are the same. From Instagram to Facebook to LinkedIn and YouTube, advertising varies depending on the platform. Each site requires a different spin on the ads your REALTOR® decides to run. So, if your REALTOR® doesn’t understand the multifaceted world of social media, that’s not in your best interest.  You’ll be missing out on a powerful tool that can help sell your home.

Social media ads take a lot of finesse, and require a strong understanding of how they work. For example, Instagram users typically prefer high-quality photos. Instagram users aren’t going to the app to view wordy quotes or text advertisements, so the ads should focus on solid images. Facebook users are more apt to read longer posts, so if something catches their eye, they’ll read a paragraph, especially when posted in a group. Videos are also big on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. A virtual tour of your home used as an ad on YouTube can produce more views in a day than traditional advertising avenues.

Multiple factors change from platform to platform, including audiences. LinkedIn has over 450 million users, but it’s considered a business-to-business platform. Anyone selling a house shouldn’t advertise there and expect a buyer. Your REALTOR® should be using it to connect with other REALTORS® who are on the lookout for the perfect home for their buyer clients. A REALTOR® who understands how to run these various ads can be your greatest ally in selling your home fast.

The Value Of Social Media In Real Estate

If you’re not convinced that social media can help sell your home, consider these stats:

  • 99% of Millennial buyers, the generation born between 1980-1998, make up the most extensive group entering the marketplace right now, and they search almost exclusively online for available homes.
  • 95% of all home buyers search online for their next home
  • 51% of home buyers find their home on the internet
  • 72% of buyers use mobile apps to search for homes

Living Houston Fully Utilizes Social Media Platforms To Sell Listings

At Living Houston, we actively participate and share listings on numerous social media websites via team and personal accounts. We consistently see traffic and qualified buyers through all platforms. Our marketing plan is well thought out and designed to provide all the essential features to maximize your home’s selling potential. If you’re considering selling and would be interested in hearing our complete marketing plan, contact Living Houston.

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