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Neutral Colors For Your Home

By January 25, 2021January 26th, 2021No Comments

Choosing Neutral Colors For Your HomeNeutral Colors For Your Home 

Choosing neutral colors for your home may feel a bit boring or generic; after all, one of the benefits of a well-designed space is the ability to personalize a room and express your individuality through furniture, textiles, and the color pallet of your choice. 

Neutral colors combine to create versatile neutral color schemes that are ideal for any space. They’re not only reliable as a beautiful backdrop to decorate any area, but they also play a role in providing visual relief in an often overstimulating world and a calming atmosphere. You may be drawn to lipstick red, hot pink, or royal blue, but neutral colors are an important element in your home’s ability to support any style. 

What are Neutral Colors?

Neutral means ‘without color”; however, this isn’t accurate. When we think of neutrals, we think of colors not typically found on the color wheel. Colors like black, white, grey, ivory, beige, taupe, and brown. However, within each of these neutral colors, you will find undertones of other colors. Ivory might have golden or pink undertones, whereas white might be more yellow, pinkish, or even blue. Recognizing these undertones as you choose a neutral palette for your space is imperative. Please pay attention to the undertones; make sure they marry well with your accent colors. 

Neutral Colors Are Timeless.

One of the most appealing aspects of neutral colors is timelessness: They’re classic and clean. Neutrals allow you to easily incorporate vibrant or trendy colors and prints into your décor as your taste evolves and changes. A foundation of great neutral hues is an investment that ensures an interior will never grow old. It will remain appealing to all who pass through as the home changes hands over time. 

They Enhance Your Style.

Some people may argue against this, but it’s the absolute truth. When neutral colors are a blank canvas for your interior design, your individuality can shine through. All the details, pieces, and accents you choose to spotlight come to the forefront, and the impact they can have on a neutral pallet is often striking. Allowing pops of color to take center stage without being overwhelming is the epitome of style. 

Neutral Colors Highlight Texture

Similar to their ability to emphasize personal style, neutral colors also effortlessly and seamlessly highlight texture. Texture is an element that creates a warm, welcoming, comfortable interior. Think of pillows with varied fabrics, textured area rugs, various touches of metal or wood, all of these small elements make a significant impact. They create depth and character in a neutral room instead of vying for attention in a busy space. Interior designers excel at this textural design secret— a neutral backdrop creates a welcoming interior mixed with warm textures such as shiny tiles, rough-hewn wooden elements, soft linens, and brushed velvets. 

Also consider how your furniture fits in. Furniture is where we live, sit, eat, sleep, play, and unwind, and a great piece of furniture can elicit pride from a homeowner who loves interior design. Neutral colors provide the perfect “invisible” background against which attractive and stunning furniture can stand out. 

They’re Versatile

Whether your style is modern, traditional, shabby chic, vintage, eclectic, contemporary, or farmhouse – neutrals will forever be your go-to for great design. Neutrals also can affect feelings within a space. With white or light grey walls creating a clean, spacious vibe and taupe or darker grey walls creating a sense of warmth and coziness. 

Neutral Colors Set The Tone.

It is wise to visit a room throughout the day to get an idea of how much natural light it receives. Paint color may look one shade at 10:00 a.m. and a completely different shade at 10:00 p.m. Brighter shades work well in darker spaces to make a room appear larger. Warmer shades fare better in very sunny areas to add depth and coziness. If your space has access to plenty of natural light, the entire neutral color spectrum is available to you. But if your room’s a bit smaller with little natural light, select a lighter neutral to brighten the space. 

Choose Neutral Colors To Compliment Your Whole Color Palette

If you know what accent colors you want in your space, it is much easier to work backward to find the neutral shade that best compliments those accents. Remember those undertones we discussed earlier? Make sure to choose neutrals in the same color family as your accent colors. 

Neutral Colors Allow Anyone To See Themselves In A Home 

In the end, neutral colors will always be classic. If the mood strikes and you feel you need a vibrant hue in your life, you can add a few fun pillows in a bold color or grab a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers at the market. Again, think of a neutral color palette as an investment, mostly when selling your home. Homes with a neutral color base allow people to see them with chameleon eyes, visualizing all of their belongings in your space, therefore seeing it as their own home. 

Living Houston Will Help You Stage Your Home

Whether your home has a neutral palette or bright orange walls, Living Houston provides all our clients with the staging of their home before it hits the market. This white-glove service allows us to help maximize your space for the optimal viewing of potential buyers. This service is one of many that Living Houston utilizes to sell homes fast. Contact us to learn more at 281.915.8100 or


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