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The Best Gifts For The Home 2022

By December 8, 2022No Comments

The Best Gifts For Home 2022

Living Houston is so excited to share this specially curated list of some of our favorite things for the home to help you choose the perfect gift. You can’t go wrong with these items, they’ll have anyone who receives them squealing with delight.

The Gift of Spirits

Best Gifts For the Home 2022Mujen Shochu Spirits tout themselves as “the best spirit you’ve never tasted.” These crisp, clean drinks are made from the finest natural ingredients with meticulous techniques. Mujen is the number one liquer in Japan and is low in calories, and hangovers. This is a great addition to any home bar cart.



The Gift of Games

Best Gifts for the home 2022Play with this fabulous chess and checkers set that will delight all ages and add a bit of fun to any home. Available in blue and pink from ArtSugar it’s the perfect gift for someone who loves game night and sleek design.



The Gift of Sauciness 

best gifts for the home 2022Looking for a gift for your foodie friends? The Stock My Pantry, Please! Pack is a tasty choice. This elevated line of pantry staples has delicious sauces and dressings to instantly and conveniently improve any dish. Each box includes one of everything the brand makes including Creamy Basil Not Just Pasta Sauce, Tomato Not Just Pesto, Lemon Miso Not Just Salad Dressing, and Coconut Sugar Not Just Caramel.


The Gift of Cookery

best gifts for the home 2022The Our Place Always Pan is the perfect gift for home chefs and novice cooks. It’s available in multiple colors including Blue Salt, Spice (a warm coral shade), and Sage. This beautifully-designed non-stick set replaces a sauté pan, frying pan, steamer, skillet, saucepan, spatula, and spoon rest.



The Gift of Glassware

best gifts for the home 2022Say cheers to these whimsical glasses from Venable Moore. Each hand-painted glass features a bright confetti design, made to order in the United States from sustainable materials and is ideal for drinking everything from water to cocktails.



The Gift of Furry Fashion

best gifts for the home 2022The Wild One is a modern pet product company who designs leashes, harnesses, bowls, and more in the most glorious colors and quality. Their matching sets are perfect for both your pooch and yourself.





The Gift of Warmth

best gifts for the home 2022Minky Couture’s Hugs blankets are the softest, coziest blankets around. Uniquely designed and like nothing you’ve ever seen or felt before the fabric stretches around you to create the best hug ever.



The Gift of Reading

best gifts for the home 2022Uncommon Goods Book Nook Valet not only holds your place, but a cup of tea, glasses, and your phone. It’s the perfect partner for the bookworm in your life.





The Gift of Light

best gifts for the home 2022Lomar Farms is a small family owned farm that harvest the beeswax from their bees to make the most beautiful candles that are non-toxic, and long burning. And did you know that pure beeswax candles actually purify the air as they burn and help with allergens? It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



The Gift of Gooey Goodness

Xo Marshmallows

These Cosmallow Brownies are a take on the classic cosmic brownie from XO Marshmallows. They’re full of all kinds of deliciousness, and while you’re on their site you can also grab some of their marshmallow turtles and other tasty treats.




The Gift of Clean 


Blueland is an innovative, eco-friendly company making great strides in the cleaning game. With their modern reusable bottles and containers, and superior cleaning products, they’ve developed a cult following. This giftset will rock your favorite clean freak’s world.




The Gift of Gathering 

Solo stoveNeed something that brings people together? This smokeless fire pit by Solo Stove has thousands of five-star reviews, is portable, easy to clean, and the perfect addition to any backyard for smores and hanging around the campfire.







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