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Selling A Home With A Pool In Texas

By June 3, 2022March 25th, 2024No Comments

Selling A Home With A Pool In TexasSelling A Home With A Pool In Texas

Homes with swimming pools most often sell at a premium, especially in Texas, as the heat of summer approaches. But just because you have a pool doesn’t mean selling your house is a done deal. A pool may be able to sell your house, but an inexperienced REALTOR® may cost you time, money, and peace of mind. So beware of an agent who promises to sell your home simply because it has a pool; there are a few things you need to know first.

Will I Make My Money Back On A Pool Investment?

Adding a pool to your property is considered a major upgrade. Homeowners spend an average of $30,000-$70,000 building a swimming pool. That cost will not be recouped when selling your home, but it will definitely pay off in selling your house quickly for the highest price. 

A pool can boost your profit margin and home value, but only if kept in good condition. On average, a pool can increase your home value by about 7.7%, and the valuation is calculated during the appraisal process.

An appraiser may add between $15,000 to $20,000 when assessing a home with a pool. Choosing to put in a pool should be about relaxation, enjoyment, and time with family and friends. If you’re building a pool as an investment, they don’t add much resale value. But they do offer a fast sale and usually a bidding war between buyers. 

Can My Pool Sell My House?

A pool can either sell a home or tank the sale of your home. While a pool is considered a luxury home feature, it depends on the condition of the swimming pool. It’s essential to keep it in tip-top shape. An excellent REALTOR® will advise you to make any known pool repairs before putting your house on the market. The last thing you want is an inspection report coming back to the buyer listing pool repairs that need to be completed. A poor inspection report can make a buyer second-guess buying your home. 

If you’re not willing to make repairs before listing, be prepared to field discounted offers from potential buyers who will have to make the repairs themselves upon buying the home. Also, keep in mind that owning a house with a pool is a homebuying niche. You may be surprised to learn that not everyone dreams of owning a pool. Partnering with the right REALTOR® can help you find the right home buyer for you. Having an agent who knows how to stage and market your pool will get you the best price. 

Make Your Pool One Of Your Homes Best Features

Adding a pool to your home doesn’t automatically make it the property’s highlight. It’s best to beautify the area with landscaping to accentuate and elevate the pool. Make sure your pool is sparkling and clean. Have the name and number of your pool cleaning services and a history of cleaning and maintenance to show potential buyers that the pool has been well cared for. Create a welcoming and relaxing oasis. 

And as a seller, you should never underestimate the importance of staging your home, and this should include outdoor spaces. A great REALTOR® will stage a home so that potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying the space and entertaining family and friends. 

Living Houston Specializes In Listings 

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