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New Real Estate Agent Tips

By February 2, 2022No Comments

New Real Estate Agent TipsNew Real Estate Agent Tips On The Power Of A Mentor 

New real estate agent tips on the power of a mentor are crucial. Prospective agents often finish their classes, take their exams, and believe they’re ready to get clients and start making money. The reality is the classes that allow you to become licensed don’t also prepare you to become a business owner, run lead-gen, know the ins-and-outs of the industry, give a buyer and seller’s presentation, and a thousand other little things. All the things that create a successful real estate career are why it’s important to have a mentor in the industry. And if you have the opportunity for your broker to be your mentor, even better. 

Living Houston’s One-On-Ones 

Living Houston offers one-on-one masterminding sessions monthly for any agent that takes the opportunity. Our Broker and founder, Laura Weisman, knew that she wanted to provide this unique benefit to her agents from the start. Not having access to a mentor at the beginning of her career, Laura understood its value. She believes in the power of having someone to turn to within the industry with questions and for support.

In The Words Of One Of Our Agents

The monthly one-on-ones are one of my favorite aspects of Living Houston. As the person writing this blog, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share my experience of how one-on-ones with Laura have helped my career. 

I had no idea how much I would need someone to guide and mentor me for the first couple of years. Having a mentor means more than having someone teaching me about real estate. It’s also about professionalism, time management, goal planning, and inspiration. Having someone like Laura in your corner not only fast tracks you in your business, but it allows you to think about things in ways that you may not have before. 

Real estate is a field with tons to learn. There are so many contracts, laws, intricacies, and opportunities for growth and expansion. If you do not have a clear plan and go in blind, you will strongly regret it. But it’s about so much more than real estate; it’s about recognizing your potential and growing into it. To build a solid career, the first thing you need is a firm foundation, and having someone like Laura to talk to and help you anchor your thoughts and ideas allows you to wade through so much in a shorter time period. 

Full disclosure; Laura is my sister, and you’d think that would make me biased, but I promise it doesn’t. I’d be doing everyone reading this a disservice if I wasn’t honest about my experience, so below, I’m listing the top 5 reasons my mentor has been a game-changer in my career.

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5 Reasons A Mentor May Be A Game Changer For Your Career

1. Fast-Track Your Professional Development 

With the support of a mentor, mentees can stay focused on their career, gain confidence, attain goals, and expand their networks. Having a mentor leads to self-discovery and greater realization. Through feedback, you’ll grow professionally and personally and be empowered to take your career in the direction you want to go. 

2. Mentors Help You Map Out Your Goals 

By defining goals and creating smaller steps to get there, a mentor can help you focus on what you need to do to advance your career. Without set goals, you’ll be lost, and you may feel overwhelmed. You may give up before you even start or feel like you’re running in circles going nowhere. A mentor will help you design a clear path and increase your motivation to attain your goals.

3. Mentors Help You Develop Leadership Skills 

Mentoring programs help to foster self-awareness and adaptability while teaching you how to excel at teamwork, collaboration, and verbal communication. Mentorships can cultivate leadership skills such as listening and compassion. They can also enhance your capacity to give and receive feedback. These skills are honed through developing healthy relationships. A mentorship can increase self-efficacy and teach you to seek support when needed. 

4. Mentors Can Help Build Confidence 

Along with developing leadership skills, having a mentor to advise and guide you can increase your confidence and help develop problem-solving skills. Research has tied having a mentor to an overall increase in emotional health. Establishing positive connections with like-minded individuals creates a bond and trust beyond the mentor/mentee dynamic. A good mentor can offer an alternative perspective that can be instrumental in breaking bad habits or changing harmful thought patterns. This increases well-being and confidence. Mentors can also serve as a sounding board to bounce ideas and issues off of to aid in one’s ability to solve problems and find solutions.

5. Mentors Can Transform Your Career Trajectory 

A mentor offers a level of guidance that you often can’t find anywhere else. Mentors are ideal for providing insight that only comes from experience with an extensive background and hard-earned wisdom. They hold valuable knowledge that can be crucial in helping you uncover opportunities and take more empowered steps in your career. Mentors can guide you by providing instruction on specific tasks or helping you acquire valuable skills. They can also share tips on overcoming obstacles or challenges to career development. They’ll support you, cheer you on, offer constructive criticism, sage advice, and assist you in defining and hitting your goals. The right mentor can be a crucial relationship in your life. They have the potential to impact your choices and career trajectory significantly. 

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Mentoring With Living Houston

It’s important to note most brokers aren’t actively look for opportunities to mentor. They may feel it’s not worth their time to invest in their agents on a personal and professional level. If mentoring is something you think would benefit you choose your brokerage wisely. 

You can find a mentor at Living Houston, along with a culture of agents who are supportive and collaborative. Without a mentor, you may miss out on critical growth and development. We hope you’ll choose to be challenged and inspired here at Living Houston. 


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