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Living Houston’s Unique Onboarding Procedures

By September 28, 2023No Comments

Elevating Real Estate Excellence: Living Houston’s Unique Onboarding Procedures

Living Houston's Unique Real Estate Onboarding ProceduresWelcome to Living Houston, a boutique brokerage that redefines real estate services in Houston, Texas. We don’t follow the conventional approach to a brokerage. Living Houston developed unique onboarding procedures, which provide our esteemed associates with first-class, white-glove service right from the start. Our mission is to ensure every agent has the best possible chance to succeed by supporting them with an unparalleled onboarding process unique to our brokerage.

Dedicated Onboarding Specialist: Your Personal Concierge

From the moment you join us, our dedicated onboarding specialist serves as your personal concierge. She’ll guide you through each intricate phase of our structured onboarding journey. New agents in particular benefit from our services. New agents often need help figuring out where to start or what requirements to abide by. Our concierge service ensures every new agent experiences a smooth transition, allowing them to focus on what they do best—serving their valued clients. Our onboarding specialist is there every step of the way, providing support, answering questions, and ensuring every agent feels welcomed and appreciated.

Structured, Phased Onboarding: A Journey Tailored for Success

Our onboarding process is divided into three detailed levels designed strategically to set our associates up for optimal success. These phases are not mere formalities. They are unique experiences brimming with insights, knowledge, and skills crucial for flourishing in the real estate industry in Houston.

1. Phase One: Foundation Building

In the first phase, new associates delve into the foundational elements of real estate. We teach them to understand the market dynamics of Houston, legal frameworks, and ethical considerations critical for professional excellence.

2. Phase Two: Business Acumen Enhancement

Agents in this phase receive profound insights into managing their business effectively. The focus here is on client relationship management, negotiation strategies, and advanced technologies integral to modern real estate practices.

3. Phase Three: Mastery & Launch

The final phase is mastering the acquired knowledge and skills, refining strategies, and preparing for a successful launch. Associates here are tuned to the highest frequencies of professional competence, ready to impact Houston’s real estate landscape significantly.

Education Beyond The Norm

Our approach goes beyond the basics. We educate our associates on aspects often overlooked by other brokerages. These aspects are crucial to the most fundamental functions of business operations and client representation. Our comprehensive training modules are designed to instill a deep understanding of real estate transactions, market analysis, customer service excellence, and innovative marketing strategies. This ensures our agents are well-equipped to navigate the dynamic Houston real estate market successfully.

Unprecedented Reviews and Acclaims

Our associates have spoken highly of our onboarding process, reflected through their glowing reviews and positive feedback. We are proud to receive such testimonials highlighting the comprehensive learning, hands-on support, and enriched experience they attain during their onboarding journey. These testimonials solidify our position as the epitome of real estate excellence in Houston.

A Houston Boutique Brokerage Like No Other

Our unique approach to onboarding and unwavering commitment to fostering professional growth sets us apart from the crowd in Houston’s bustling real estate market. Our focus on quality, personalized service, and comprehensive education makes us the top choice for real estate agents looking to take their careers to the next level.

At Living Houston, we believe in reimagining the real estate experience, not just for our clients but for our associates. We are more than a brokerage; we are a community of forward-thinking professionals committed to shaping the future of real estate in Houston. If you seek a nurturing environment, a solid foundation, and a path to unparalleled success in Houston’s real estate market, your journey begins here with us! Contact our phenomenal Agent Concierge, Michele Tandy, with any questions at

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