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8 Tips For Creating Cozy Christmas Vibes In A Warm Climate

By November 17, 2021No Comments

8 Tips For Creating Cozy Christmas Vibes In a Warm Climate8 Tips For Creating Cozy Christmas Vibes In A Warm Climate

Winter swoops in with frigid chills and snowy drifts in most places. In a warm, tropical climate like Houston, it arrives with sunny weather that’s often a reprieve from the heat but far from cold. We’ve got 8 tips for creating cozy Christmas vibes in a warm climate.

So how do we create holiday vibes in this sunny state? Today, we draw from the Danish art of Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”). Hygge creates ultra-cozy and content spaces that enhance feelings of peace and joy.

The Danes are masters of thriving in winter, and Southerners can use their methods to create a warm, cozy space of their own. So, if it’s 80 degrees outside where you are like it is here, we’ve got eight tips to help you create the coziest atmosphere, and make you forget that it’s not cold out…at least for a bit.


A crackling fireplace is usually the first image we conjure up in our minds-eye when envisioning a cozy holiday scene. But when it’s too hot to run your fireplace, but you still want the element of fire in your home, candles always do the trick. Candles provide that warm glowy effect you’re looking for without the extra heat. And if you choose the right scent, you can add an extra layer of seasonal joy at the same time. 


Comfort food is synonymous with a cozy experience. Take time to flip through your favorite cookbooks or browse Pinterest or your favorite baking blogs for inspiration. Choose quality ingredients that nourish the body and invoke feelings of nostalgia and happiness. 

Then take your time and enjoy the process of creating something delectable. And baking bonus, you’ll flood your space with enticing aromas and bring people together. And if cooking isn’t your thing, some slice and bake cookies are a perfect substitution.


Plush pillows, snuggle-worthy throws, and sumptuous rugs make for an inviting atmosphere. Cover your surfaces in luxurious fabrics and cushions and cuddle up to your faux winter. Easily find inexpensive winter accessories that make a big impact at Home Goods, Target, Marshals, and more. 


If you’re unsure how to design a warm room, start by assessing your lighting situation. The goal is to avoid any harsh overhead lighting. Think lamps and candles, or create clusters of illumination in areas you want brighter lighting using string lights or globes. Make sure you’re using warm lightbulbs as well, and you could even drop to lower wattage bulbs for the winter months or install a dimmer to create the vibe you desire. 


Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, chai lattes, egg nog, mulled wine, and hot buttered rum are just a few of the mouth-watering drink options you could make this winter. Whatever you love, find an incredibly delicious drink recipe and make it your specialty. Host a happy hour, movie night, or game night and share it. Better yet, have everyone bring a specialty drink of their own and have a prize for the winning drink. And if you drink alcoholic beverages, fantastic, but you can also make non-alcoholic versions of just about anything for your friends who don’t imbibe. 


Curate a mix of music that makes you excited and makes your space feel good. You can mix Christmas music, cozy chill songs, and instrumental music to build an eclectic playlist that makes it feel like winter. 

And if curating music isn’t your thing, well, then you’re in luck. Streaming services such as Apple, Spotify, and YouTube have brilliant individuals who’ve already done the work for you. Just save your favorite holiday playlists, press play, and relax. 


Make caramel apples, watch holiday movies, have a game night, decorate a gingerbread house, do Christmas karaoke, build a blanket fort; the list is endless. Add a couple of ideas to your calendar each week, and then stick to the plan to make them happen. Set a reminder on your phone, and invite friends and family to join in the festivities. 


The winter months lend themselves to the desire for hibernation, reflection, downtime, connection, and relaxation. Often, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, these desires are neglected. So be intentional with your time, allow yourself to indulge, and thoroughly enjoy the winter months. Curl up with a good book, eat the chocolate, take a bubble bath, snuggle with loved ones; do the things that make you feel good and the most like yourself. Creating the experiences you crave and the space to enjoy them is the quickest way to get those harmonious, cozy holiday vibes. 


If your current home isn’t giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling, even after putting in the work to try and make it work for you, maybe it’s time to find something that does. We pride ourselves on matching clients to their perfect home, giving them all the desires of their hearts and more. Contact Living Houston today for a consultation to find a home that feels like magic all year round.

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