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What Is A Master-Planned Community?

By April 7, 2021April 9th, 2021No Comments

What Is A Master-Planned Community?What is a master-planned community?

A master-planned community is a residential neighborhood that’s usually large in scale with recreational and commercial amenities such as swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, lakes, tennis courts, golf courses, stores, and restaurants. Some master-planned communities even have schools, businesses, and office parks.

A Deeper Definition Of A Master Planned Community

The average master-planned community is located in a suburban environment and is usually more than 2,500 acres. Residents typically move to these communities to experience a particular environment. Social and recreational opportunities within these communities generally are limited to residents and their guests.

A master-planned community differs from a subdivision based on the amenities it offers. It can consist of one sizable residential area or multiple neighborhoods and subdivisions within the community. 

Community developers allow separate builders to build houses within these individual sections. Each neighborhood within the master-planned community is unique and offers different home sizes, prices, housing styles, and lot sizes. 

You will sometimes hear master-planned communities referred to as “cookie-cutter” or that the location is “too far” away. In the past, these communities tended to lean in that direction. Nowadays, they have anti-monotony building codes to prevent repetition, and developers provide communities relevant to today’s consumers. Below are six reasons why residents are choosing master-planned communities now more than ever. 

Six Reasons Residents Choose Master-Planned Communities:

Safety and Security

Master-planned communities provide superior safety features and a unique feeling of security. Many neighborhoods are patrolled by neighborhood security, gated, or both. They’re also located farther away from industrial and commercial areas. Gated communities reduce through-traffic and deter any unnecessary activity. And the police and/or security officers are usually paid for by the residents HOA fees, which means that their sole priority while on duty is to protect the community. 


Master-planned community developers provide desirable amenities within a neighborhood. They usually design multiple pools, each with its style and purpose; many communities now offer waterpark-style pools that are fantastic for families. Golf courses, community events, gym access, country clubs, hiking and biking trails, and so much more attract residents with the idea of enjoying life in close proximity to their home — versus driving and commuting to gain access to these types of experiences. 

Customized Options

If you’re able to take advantage of building a home from the ground-up, the homes in master-planned communities are often entirely customizable. Builders provide homebuyers with an array of customized design options for the exterior and interior of the house. This allows the homeowner to choose floor plans, elevation, interior paint colors, flooring, finishes, hardware, and many other details to make their home their own. 


Many master-planned communities are similar to self-contained, small cities. They can be home to a variety of shops, businesses, restaurants, and services. A master-planned communities offer one place where people live, work, shop, and relax. Families have the opportunity to send children to top-ranked schools, often located within the exact same neighborhood. These communities offer the utmost convenience for more a well-rounded home life.

Homeowner’s Association

For some, HOAs mean a lengthy list of rules and restrictions telling you what you can and can’t do with your own home. However, for people who genuinely want to protect what is usually their most significant investment, an HOA is a plus. HOAs make neighborhoods better, not worse. Those rules and regulations keep the neighborhood’s integrity and ensure that everyone is doing their part, not just a fraction of the residents. While driving through a master-planned community, if you find yourself admiring the landscaping and how beautifully the area and grounds are maintained, this is thanks to the HOA. The HOA is also helpful if you have complaints with neighbors, streets and lighting, security, solicitors, or amenities. They can effectively enforce community guidelines while keeping the complaint anonymous — therefore keeping the peace. 

Smart Investment

Buying a home in a master-planned community is typically an excellent investment. 

Master-planned communities essentially add stability to the resale value of your home. When the economy’s thriving, a home in one of these communities may increase in value faster than homes outside of the community. And when the economy is worse, the neighborhood helps to maintain your home’s value, keeping it from declining as quickly.

Living Houston Can Help You Choose The Master-Planned Community That’s Right For You

Houston and its surrounding areas have some of the top-ranked master-planned communities in the country. We know these communities intimately and can easily guide you through the pros, cons, and what each one has to offer. Contact us for more information on the master-planned communities around Houston.