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The Heights In Houston

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The Heights in HoustonThe Heights In Houston

As Houston’s most historic neighborhood, The Heights perfectly marries historical charm with modern conveniences. 

The Heights History

Founded initially as a “utopian community” in the late 1890s, The Heights is one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods. Originally The Heights was its own city built on 1,700 acres. This land was purchased by local tycoons who recognized its potential as prime real estate. The original town boasted a jail, hospital, and schools. Residents favored the Heights location for being at an elevation that is 23 feet higher than Downtown Houston. This allowed early residents a reprieve from mosquitos during the time of Yellow Fever. The Heights schools needed more funding in 1918 so the city of Houston annexed it. 

Named for its high elevation, you’ll find The Heights a great place to be during Houston’s infamous floods. Just minutes inside the loop from Downtown, The Heights is an extremely walkable neighborhood with excellent restaurants, sprawling parks with impressive trees, quaint Victorian houses, and sweet little bungalows. It is consistently rated as one of Houston’s most walkable areas and features many trails and bike paths with the city’s views. 

Life In The Heights

Houston Heights has a population of over 44,000 people, and they’re never without fantastic food. The Heights has some of the highest-rated restaurants in the city. You can find just about any food your heart desires, and it will always be the best. And after you eat, you can go shopping in one of the many high-end shopping centers. They also have plenty of fitness centers and/or go for one of their seemingly endless entertainment options. The area expertly combines urban with suburban and appeals to foodies and architectural connoisseurs alike. 

A majority of The Heights is neighborhoods, and those neighborhoods can feel endless, with twists and turns, narrow streets, and the occasional dead end. 

The Heights is a hot spot for Houston’s young professionals, but they aren’t the only demographic. Families with children inhabit many neighborhoods, and some of these neighborhoods can feel wholly separate from Houston’s bustling city. This elusive tranquility attracts many parents looking to give their children a more suburban life while being close to the city’s center. The Heights also has reputable schools, including Harvard Elementary, Travis Elementary, and Field Elementary. The community greatly supports these schools. There are also charter and private schools in the area, offering even more reasons for families to flock to The Heights. 

The Heights HOA

The Heights homeowners’ association or (HOA) is one of the most active HOAs in the city. They ensure their residents always stay active and social. They have thoroughly preserved and documented many historical landmarks in The Heights, including a fire department and Marmion Park gazebo. They’ve even helped build unique playgrounds for neighborhood children. The Houston Heights organization plans many family-friendly events throughout the year. These events include bike rallies, fun runs, an annual holiday party, and home tours.

Cost Of Living In The Heights

While living in The Heights may sound like a dream come true, it may be more like a bad dream depending on your budget. 

  • The cost of living in The Heights is 32% higher than the Houston average, 20% higher than the national average, and The Heights housing is 70% higher than the national average.

The housing market in The Heights is extremely lucrative for sellers and a great investment for buyers. If The Heights is within your price point, it is a wonderful option for living and building a life in Houston. 

Living Houston Loves The Heights

If you or someone you know is looking for real estate in Houston’s Heights, we would be happy to help you become acquainted with the area. We are well-versed in most of the communities in and around Houston, and we love assisting Houstonians in finding the right home for them. 


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