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House Of Blooms Sugar Land TX

By April 8, 2021April 9th, 2021No Comments

House Of Blooms In Sugar Land, TX 

This month, Living Houston is honored to feature a woman-owned, veteran-operated small business in Sugar Land, TX: The House Of Blooms. 

How They Got Their Start 

Patricia Houck opened House of Blooms in 2007 when she found herself with a desire to build something she could leave behind as a legacy for her children. Patricia noticed a lack of custom floral services in the Sugar Land area, so after brainstorming with a friend, they decided to take the leap and open their own shop. She originally began the endeavor in a small kiosk near the greenspace in the town square plaza, but after approximately eight years, HOB had the opportunity to move their operations to a brick-and-mortar shop just a few steps away.

It’s A Family Affair

Patricia happily admits she wouldn’t be where she is today without the support of her family. She works beside her husband, Allen, who manages the company’s e-commerce site and keeps all aspects of the business up-to-date on technological trends. 

Her son, Patrick Houck, a 21-year Marine Corp Veteran is the operations specialist who ensures all bookkeeping and social media accounts run smoothly. Patrick was in the Marines when House of Blooms first launched and contributed to the business long-distance as he was stationed around the world. Upon retiring from the military in August 2020, Patrick began working alongside his family in the shop full-time. Transitioning service members often have a challenging time finding employment after retirement, so needless to say, Patrick was beyond grateful to transition immediately into the workforce so close to home.

Patricia’s daughter, Tiffany Albrecht, started out in the family business by sweeping floors and helping out while still in college. She still remembers the day her mother surprised her with the keys to the shop and she never looked back. Tiffany is now a certified Texas Master Florist and lead event coordinator and designer for House Of Blooms. The Texas State Floral Association runs this prestigious program and certifies its graduates in the processing of flowers, the science behind the flowers, overall design elements, and aspects of owning a flower shop. The title of a Texas Master Florist is a coveted and recognized certification which gives Tiffany the skills and experience to handle every type of event, from small and intimate to large-scale events all over the country. Tiffany’s enthusiasm and passion about her career in the floral business is evident in all areas of the shop. Her ability to touch people’s lives through the use of flowers allows her to feel spoiled every single day as she shares her workdays with her family and friends.

Community Is Key

Being an integral part of the immediate community is very dear to Patricia’s heart.  Not only is hands-on involvement gratifying, her business is built on being embraced by the people of the local community. She speaks highly of her employees who help take orders and run the shop on a daily basis. Roy, HOB delivery driver of over 12 years, is well-loved by the customers and known by name. Every employee is involved in the entire process, confirming all orders are correct — even if that means following up with direct phone calls or emails — giving the highest quality assurance every single time. Another added benefit of stopping by your local flower shop is the ability to see, touch, and smell the flowers in person; this adds another layer of love and personalization to the process. 

House Of Blooms doesn’t just have a strong presence in the local community; it also shines in the floral community across the U.S. These connections across the country ensure you’ll never have to worry about who to contact when you’re ready to send an arrangement to someone special. If you find yourself in need of flowers to be delivered in a city or state outside your local area, just call the team at House of Blooms. After a quick conversation to confirm your wants and needs, HOB takes over the process and functions as the liaison between you and local florists in the city of your choice — ensuring your flowers are successfully delivered every time.

House Of Blooms Offers Specialized Services

House of Blooms offers a handful of specialized services that speak to their commitment to customer satisfaction. 

  • Forget-Me-Not Program: The Forget-Me-Not program allows customers to keep a credit card on file alongside important dates, such as:  Valentine’s Day, birthdays, graduations, performances, Mother’s & Father’s Day, “just because,” anniversaries, and more. This system, with every important date scheduled in advance and payment method on file, ensures all the work is done for you when the time comes for those special deliveries. House Of Blooms will contact you, reminding you of the event, finalize your order, and verify payment.  And they provide this service across the U.S., not just locally. Imagine the peace of mind knowing you can sit back and relax while everyone receives gorgeous flowers on their special day–no matter where they’re located in the entire country. Just set it and forget it!
  • See What You Send:  House Of Blooms allows customers to view a photo of the order or arrangement to be delivered before an order leaves the shop. At this time, a customer can make changes so every order is just as envisioned.
  • Concierge Service Across The US: As we mentioned earlier, House Of Blooms will be your liaison across the U.S. when sending your loved one’s arrangements, simplifying the process and giving you peace of mind. Let the experts do the work!
  • Real-Time Tracking: HOB offers real-time tracking of your delivery and allows you to view a confirmation photo of the delivery once it’s completed. 
  • In-Home-Set-Up: House Of Blooms offers in-home set-up for events such as baby and bridal showers, parties, proposals, and more. Let them create the ambiance for you!
  • Event Planning And Consulting Services: House Of Blooms provides florals and arrangements for weddings, funerals, galas, charity benefits, and other large-scale events. Not only do they offer stellar services, but they’ll travel with you in and out of the country to see your event through to the end. This ensures the vision and aesthetic of your event will never be compromised.
  • Free Delivery In Town Center: Free delivery in Sugar Land’s Town Center is an additional, unique service HOB offers for local residents. If you’re celebrating an event nearby or even just date night, House Of Blooms will deliver floral arrangements to any restaurant or designated spot in Town Center, free of charge. This also includes the Sugar Land Marriott Hotel.  So next time you have visitors to the area, consider a  welcome bouquet waiting upon your guests’ arrival or arrangements delivered for events hosted in the ballroom.

House Of Blooms Sugar Land TXLiving Houston Loves House Of Blooms

Living Houston supports local businesses. And when you support House of Blooms, you’re supporting a local woman/veteran/family-owned business. Placing an order is streamlined and easy on However, this is one business where you can take full advantage of picking up the phone to speak to a real-live, local team member wherever you need assistance. Next time you are in need of sending flowers to someone you love, consider the concierge-level services at House Of Blooms.

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