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7 Things To Check Off Of Your House Closing Checklist

By July 20, 2022No Comments

7 Things To Check Off Of Your House Closing Checklist7 Things To Check Off Of Your House Closing Checklist

So you found your dream home, and it’s time to head to closing. You’ll finally have the keys in hand, and all will be right with the world…until it’s not. Because there are a few things you didn’t think of before closing and scheduling your move-in. Things that make your life much more stressful. 

Between the home inspections, paperwork, negotiations, and lots of number crunching, some of the finer actionable details tend to get lost. Missing some elements can make things a little more complicated and stressful. We’re sharing 7 tips to help your post-closing life go smoothly.

Book Your Movers

Once you have a closing date, schedule movers ASAP. This may seem obvious, but great movers book quickly, and it can easily slip your mind during all the chaos. Don’t wait around and assume they’ll be available when you call a week before you need to move. You may scramble to find reliable movers and get stuck with a less desirable company. Even if you plan on moving yourself, you’ll need a rental truck and equipment lined up to make a move because the last thing you want is to have to round up your friend with a pickup truck to move your entire house. Also, know the company’s cancellation policy, how they handle pushing the date back if need be, and what they charge to hold your belongings on the truck if you don’t gain immediate access to your new home.

Plan Any Renovations Well In Advance

Strategically scheduling renovations is critical if you plan to remodel any portion of your newly purchased home. Don’t schedule things for after your move-in if you can help it. Work scheduled right after closing and before you move in is much less stressful because you’re not living in the home while renovating. This is also a blessing to families with small children, busy work and school schedules, and allergy sufferers. Take full advantage of the vacant house to create the space you see in your mind’s eye. If you plan on painting, replacing floors, or updating kitchens and bathrooms, an empty house can be a huge asset. You may think it’s not a big deal to do it all once you move in but trust us, as soon as you can’t use your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll find yourself wishing you’d had it completed before. In addition, you can typically get better rates on renovations if the home is empty and vacant while they work.

Switch The Utilities Into Your Name And Forward Your Mail

This one can easily slip your mind, but utilities, including gas, water, and electricity, need to be switched over into your name. Believe it or not, some people aren’t aware that the utilities don’t just magically stay on once people move out. Try to call all utility companies at least two weeks before closing on your home to set up a new service. Also, you’ll need to go to the post office or USPS online to set up mail forwarding for all surnames and business entities associated with your home address.

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Book A Locksmith

Booking the locksmith as close to your move-in as possible will give you one less worry. No matter how trustworthy you believe the previous owners to be, you don’t want them holding keys to your house. And not just them, but anyone they may have given a key to while living there. Also, this house has recently been on the market. The seller’s agent and team members will also have multiple copies of the keys. You’re better safe than sorry in this scenario.

Hire Your Own Maid Service

We can assure you that the last thing you want is to show up with movers and all your belongings to discover that the previous owner didn’t have the house cleaned. And even if they agreed to have the house professionally cleaned, you always run the risk that they went the cheap route. If you have a trusted maid service or an excellent referral for one, schedule them to clean before you move in. It may feel unnecessary, but a perfectly squeaky clean house is a luxury when filling up cabinets and drawers.

Have A Great Handyman On Call 

Moving into a new home can always come with a few surprises. If you’re not the fix-it-yourself type, having a handyman on call can make your life much easier. When you need towel bars hung, holes filled in, and TVs mounted, your handyman will become your best friend.

Hire A Babysitter/Pet Sitter

Let us share this life-changing tip if you’re not already a moving pro. We can think of one thing you definitely don’t want to deal with on closing/moving day; crying kids and stressed-out pets. Schedule someone to watch your kids and or/pets until the big move is complete. Even better, schedule someone to watch them for 2-3 days. Even your pets will get anxious when movers are in the house taking everything and trying to cope with the chaos of the transition. If kids and pets can arrive at your new home with familiar things already somewhat set up, it’s less stressful for everyone.

Living Houston Can Help You Plan Ahead

As your closing date arrives, you’ll feel equally excited and exhausted. The above things can be easily prepared for, especially if you have a competent, experienced REALTOR® on your side. Living Houston works closely with their clients to keep them abreast of information. We also follow a comprehensive checklist that ensures you’re reminded of tasks you don’t have time to think of for yourself. If you’re interested in moving and would like to schedule a consultation, contact Living Houston.

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