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CycleBar Sugar Land

By January 6, 2021January 26th, 2021No Comments

CycleBar Sugar Land is one of the premier fitness studios in the city. They provide experiential classes with supportive instructors, interactive lighting, and killer music.  If you haven’t tried a class yet, you are definitely missing out!

Meet The Staff

The owner of CycleBar Sugar Land, Nadia Rashid, is a Sugar Land native with a background in fitness and a passion for helping people reach their fitness goals.  With family and roots in the area, Nadia chose to make Sugar Land the home of her first CycleBar studio.  Kam Mack, the general manager, is truly the embodiment of fitness. She knows first-hand how a firm commitment to health and wellness can produce positive effects on an individual. Together, they both actively promote CycleBar’s mission to live in the moment and increase one’s overall health and quality of life.

What Does A CycleBar Class Look Like?

CycleBar Sugar Land offers 45-minute classes which, coupled with their app, allow you to celebrate milestones and keep track of your progress. The classes include hand-selected music and dynamic lighting to keep you engaged and motivated. The majority of classes include light weight-training, which can easily be adjusted for your individual level, and all classes have a well deserved few minutes of stretching toward the end. They also offer a 30-minute express class, so there’s no excuse to ever miss a workout.


The instructors, aptly named CycleStars, undergo an intense audition and boot camp process that ensures the studio is supplied with the best of the best. Many instructors have compelling self-transformation stories that inspired their personal mission to become an instructor–so these guys walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. Not only do CycleStars act as DJs, choreographers, coaches, and personal trainers, they also lead you through mini-meditations offering motivational words that prepare you to take on the day.  Find the CycleStar who matches your vibe and workout style and you’ll never want to leave.

Where Do I Start?

You start where everyone else does–at the beginning. Your first ride is complimentary and you can always bring a friend. You’ll arrive 10-15 minutes early to tour the studio, sign a waiver, and an expert will assist you with adjusting your bike. CycleBar will provide cycling shoes with every class unless you prefer to invest in a pair of your own. They’ll also ensure your bike is adjusted specifically for your height and body type for the most comfortable ride. You can begin with little-to-no resistance, focusing on cadence and rhythm, until you decide to go all out and push yourself to your limits. You are your own best guide.  You’ll never feel intimidated or coerced into doing more than you’re ready for, but you will be encouraged over time to reach your fullest potential.

Living Houston Loves CycleBar Sugar Land

Our founder and broker, Laura Weisman, is a frequent rider with CycleBar Sugar Land.  Drop into CycleBar this month and you may find her riding next to you during their January 2 Fit 2 Quit Transformation Challenge. We love how invested the studio and instructors are in each rider’s success, and we know you’ll love it, too. You can learn more about CycleBar Sugar Land on their Facebook and Instagram pages. And if you see one of us on your next ride, make sure to say “hi!” 

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